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Tux2's Minecraft Hosting (Joshua Reetz) Terms of Service | March 2, 2014

By subscribing to our website, server or other services you (the client) are in agreement with our Terms of Service (Tux2MC). Tux2MC reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate any service provided with or without a refund or notice or warning for any reason. Tux2MC also reserves the right to change and modify the Terms of Agreement at any time with or without client notification. It is up to the client to periodically check and update familiarize themselves with the recent Terms of Service. If any client does not comply with the new Terms of Service modifications, their service will be terminated.

Service Payment, Refunds and Cancellation Guidelines

All payment invoices are generated 10 days before payment is due. Failure to pay before the due date will resort in suspended service until payment is received. After 3 days of non-payment, the service will be suspended with or without any notification. Late payments are subject to a 10% late fee. After 10 days of non-payment from the due date, the service will be terminated and Tux2MC will not responsible for any data loss due to termination. Dedicated servers must be paid by the due date, if not paid by the due date and not canceled before hand Tux2MC reserves the right to turn over the payment to collections if not paid within 10 days, including late fees, to cover costs of paying for the server for an additional month, plus a $50 USD surcharge fee. Tux2MC reserves the rights to deny or provide refunds for their services with or without reason, regardless of the Service Refunds and Cancellation Guidelines if the user does not follow the Acceptable Use Policy. Game servers contains a 48-hour refund period from invoice payment, dedicated servers are non-refundable. All cancellations must be given 2 days before the next billing due date. Refunds only apply for New Users/Accounts. Existing users with more than one subscription are eligible for pro-rated refunds. Charge backs will also be counted as a refund. The customer is responsible for canceling any Paypal subscriptions upon service termination or cancelation. Any over-payments to Tux2MC may be refunded if requested by the client within 5 days of the overpayment, otherwise the amount will be applied to the customer's credit balance and may not be refunded.

Server File Backups

At this current time we do not take backups of the client's data. Client is responsible for their own data management.

Client Server Sharing / File Responsibility

Tux2MC serves an environment with the sole purpose of providing hosting services and will not be held responsible for client sharing his or her account (with admins/sub-users) or files are stored on said account. In the event where shared accounts with other users (admins/sub-users) become malicious to the client (due to conflicting interest, etc.), Tux2MC is not responsible for this action. Furthermore, all files stored on client is server (except for the files that come standard) is also his or her responsibility and holds no merit with Tux2MC. Any files which are copyright and used or upload by client is also client responsibility.

Acceptable Use Policy

Client agrees to not to attempt to modify the products or services as purchased from the original specifications. The client also agrees to not attempt to access any data or services outside of the client's given user directory. Client agrees to monitor and try to not exceed the default 5GB of disk space (can upgrade if needed). Doing so may prevent additional data being written to their server, therefore preventing the ability for game data to be saved. Tux2MC will not be responsible for such data loss. Support tickets are limited to basic installations, configurations, and teaching users how to setup their server. For advanced plugin assistance, please refer to the plugin's forum page. Spamming of the ticket system and/or harassing support staff will not be tolerated and may result in service termination. Allow up to 24 hours for responses. Tux2MC reserves the right to re-configure, reboot, or shut down any server as necessary in the event that it is adversely affecting the hardware or other users, with or without prior notice. Failure to adhere to the acceptable use policy will result in service termination with no refund.

Network Activity

Use of services provided by Tux2's Minecraft Hosting to attempt to disrupt the network of any other system connected to the internet, i.e. Denial of Service Attacks (DOS), is strictly prohibited and may result in the immediate termination of services. Additionally, IRC services of any kind - clients, servers, bots, etc are strictly prohibited on our network, and Tux2's Minecraft Hosting reserves the right to filter all IRC related traffic.

Pirated Content

By uploading content to the server you are agreeing that you either own the copyright to the content being uploaded, or that you have permission to use said content. Any content that is publicly available for download from the original author including, but not limited to content from Bukkit Dev and the Minecraft Forum without specific copyrights denying your usage of it in your particular setting may be used without restriction. If we get a complaint about copyright infringement we will do our best to resolve it. If you find your content pirated on a server owned by Tux2's Minecraft Hosting just contact us using the support form with what server, and the content that is infringing your copyright. Please provide enough evidence that you own said content and the reason why you want it removed. If you have been found to have pirated content on your server we reserve the right to remove said content, and/or terminate the offender's service without any refunds. We will also send an email detailing the offense and the actions taken to both parties involved.


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