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Plugin Commissions by Tux2 FAQ

Hello everyone, Joshua Reetz (AKA Tux2) here and I would like to answer a few questions you guys seem to be asking all the time. I constantly get requests in my contact form for custom plugins and everything in between. This article should explain some of the most common questions I get.

Q: Will you make me a custom plugin for free?

A: No, sorry. Free plugins don't pay my utilities

Q: Will you make me a custom plugin if I pay you?

A: Depends on my workload. Sometimes I have quite a few plugins already in the queue which means I stop accepting plugin commissions from new customers until I get caught up.

Q: How much will it cost for you to make me a plugin?

A: This is a very tricky question to answer as something you think is "simple" for me to do may actually turn out to be something quite complex and time consuming for me to code. However, since so many people keep asking for it I will post a rough guide. Please remember that these are not firm prices and are only a guide if you are thinking of commissioning me. In order to get the actual price you will need to submit a complete outline of what you want your plugin to do. All prices are in USD.

  • Small utility plugins - $20-$60. Examples: votifier listeners, voting systems, afk kickers.
  • Medium sized utility plugins - $80-$140. Examples: Inventory management, chest shops, Authentication plugins.
  • Large plugins - $160-$500. Examples: Towny, Disguise plugins, Website integration, Online statistics.
  • Minigames - $120-$750. Examples: ColorShuffle, GolemChaser, FlappyChicken.

Please remember that these prices are only a rough guide and only once I know exactly how you want your plugin to look and function can I quote you an exact price.

Q: What can I do to make sure that you consider my plugin commission?

A: I usually filter all of my plugin requests to those that I think will actually pay me for the completed plugin. Usually if you have already done business with me before it is more likely for me to reply. On that note, here's some things to watch out for when sending me an email:

  • Proper spelling and punctuation - Run on sentences and mispelled words all over the place doesn't for a happy developer make. It also shows me that you don't care about your communication. If I can't make sense out of your plugin request then I won't reply, ever.
  • Detailed overview of the plugin in question - Show me you have some vision and not just a vague idea I will have to poke at for 2 hours just to get the specifics.
    Bad example: "Hi, i haz plugin idea. its where u make iron golems and u have to make most"
    Good example: "Hi, I have an exciting idea for a new minigame. It's name is GolemConstructor. The goal of the minigame is to build the most Iron golems within the time limit. It consists of two teams of 3 players each. Each team gets a quarry to dig in that gets reset at the start of every game which has a high concentration of iron ore, gold and coal as well as 2 trees for wood. Every player starts out with wooden pickaxe and each area the team is in gets a wooden workbench to start out with."
    If you notice even the good example doesn't have perfect grammar, spelling or punctuation, or even tells me all the details of the game. It just tells me enough to get a rough overview of what work I need to do (I can already guess that you are going to need join signs, lobbies and count down timers, you don't need to tell me about those in the first contact email) as well as gets me excited about the possibilities.
  • What is your budget for this project? - I know that this is one of those "taboo" questions for us to ask, but it's just so that I know if I should even consider your request. Believe it or not I have had people ask for large complex plugins and only want to pay $10. I just want to know you're serious about this plugin and have the resources set aside for payment. Even just putting in your email that you've read the page about commissions for this project type being within X dollar range will show that you're at least willing to pay what you think the plugin will cost. Remember: if you've got a budget, we can work things out to make sure we don't go over that budget.

Q: When do I need to pay for my plugin?

A: Projects under $100 are due 3 days after the plugin has been sent to you unless you have other arrangements with me. Projects over this amount will need a small deposit before I start work and the rest will be due 3 days after you have recieved the plugin. If you don't pay for your plugin then the plugin doesn't rightfully belong to you and I will re-sell or publish it on Bukkit Dev as I feel fit.

Q: What are your policies for plugin updates and bug fixes, do I need to pay for them?

A: All plugins come with 3 months of free bug fixes and updates in case the latest version of Craftbukkit breaks the plugin. Anything that doesn't relate to this, namely new features, will cost extra and will be considered another commission unless otherwise agreed upon when commissioning the plugin.


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