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Tux2's Minecraft plugin development offers high quality plugins for your server needs.

Others may beat us in price, but they don't beat us in quality.

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About Us

The Owner

Tux2, also known as Joshua Reetz, started hosting his own Minecraft server way back at Beta 1.4 on a personal computer. He then developed his own plugin about a month or two later. Within the year the server had grown and he was looking for a good host and settled on a hosting provider that was able to provide what he needed. As he grew he eventually upgraded to a dedicated server. During this time he was also helping the hosting provider answer tickets and solve other problems, as well as help develop other plugins such as MultiInv, DisguiseCraft, InfiniteKits, among a variety of others. Recently however his host got sold out and the new owner ran the company into the ground. Hoping to be able to provide the same quality of support and service that the customers from the other company had grown to love he started up Tux2′s Minecraft Hosting several months later.

The Hardware and Network

Ashburn, Virginia

The Multicraft servers in this location run on powerful E3-1240 v2 based servers with 32 GB of ram and a 500GB hard drive with a 1Gbps uplink.


"I have had servers from Tux2mc.com for 3+ years now. I've received the most reliable, best service I've ever had. the larger Host companies I've used, never explained, or went the extra mile to help me solve my issues as Tux2mc.com has done. RSMV.net server is proud to use Tux2mc.com." ~ Arizrain
Owner of RSMV.net